Army Boxing<br><h3> Boxing in WW1</h3>

Army Boxing

Boxing in WW1

Boxing in World War One… Read More
Robert Randerson<br><h3>Rugby League</h3>

Robert Randerson

Rugby League

Captain Robert Randerson Rugby League Submitted by Jane and Chris Roberts, authors of 'The Greatest Sacrifice - Fallen Heroes of
Newport<br><h3>Ladies Rugby</h3>


Ladies Rugby

Newport Ladies' Rugby Team Submitted by Lydia Furse, DeMontfort University and the World Rugby Museum
Frederick Creek<br><h3>Football</h3>

Frederick Creek


Flight Lieutenant Frederick Creek MBE, MC Association Football Submitted by Carl Watts
Edward Campbell<br><h3>Rugby Union</h3>

Edward Campbell

Rugby Union

Revd Edward Fitzhardinghe Campbell DSO Rugby Union Submitted by Richard Begg, Army Chaplain
Walter Tull<br><h3>Football</h3>

Walter Tull


2nd Lt Walter Tull Football Submitted by Louise Hannam-Jones History Curator at Northampton Museums and Art Gallery
Edgar Mobbs<br><h3>Rugby Union</h3>

Edgar Mobbs

Rugby Union

Lt Col Edgar Mobbs DSO Submitted by Louise Hannam-Jones, History Curator at Northampton Museums and Art Gallery
Charlie Prichard<br><h3>Rugby Union</h3>

Charlie Prichard

Rugby Union

Captain Charlie Pritchard Rugby Union Submitted by Rob Cole, a trustee of the Welsh Sports Hall of Fame
Johnnie Cattanach<br><h3>Shinty</h3>

Johnnie Cattanach


Lt Dr John Cattanach Shinty Submitted by Hugh Dan MacLennan
John Yate Robinson<br><h3>Hockey</h3>

John Yate Robinson


Captain John Yate Robinson MC Hockey Submitted by Simon Cope, Web and Media Officer, Merton College, Oxford



Ladies' Lacrosse Association Lacrosse Submitted by Karen Davies, University of Bedfordshire Special Collections
Clem Lewis<br><h3>Rugby Union</h3>

Clem Lewis

Rugby Union

Lt John Morris Clement Lewis Rugby Union Submitted by Gwyn Prescott, Cardiff Rugby Museum